I have a quite a few coax cables and various other cables coming down the outside wall of my house that enters the shack. Of course the wall had to be double besser brick with cavities filled with concrete so it was a job drilling two 40mm holes that length. I hired a Hilti drill and a special hole saw and away I went.

On the rear of my radio bench in the shack I have attached 12.7mm (1/2 inch) copper water pipe along the entire length; it is mounted on wooden standoffs. From here all of my equipment in the shack is connected using shield from RG 213, and connected to the copper pipe using stainless hose clamps.

From the point where I drilled the holes through the wall I attached a length of 50mm flat copper strip which goes out into the rear of my grounding station. From this point, the strip is connected to a piece of angle where all of my coax connectors are installed. (a junction before it comes into the house). The copper strip then runs out down the bottom of the station through 50mm pressure pipe and finally connects to various earth rods hammered into the ground. A total of four earth rods are used spaced equally apart.

I used a waterproof plastic electrical junction box mounted and sealed to the wall to keep the critters out. All the cables coming down the exterior wall of the house are enclosed in 50mm pressure pipe (to keep the XYL happy) It has to look neat!!!.

All the connections are lubricated with Penetrox A compound, and a large bag of silica gel crystals placed inside to keep the moisture at bay.

If that wasn’t good enough for the XYL, now I have to paint it the same colour as the house. Does it ever end!!.


Nick Soter
Call: VK4ZXX
Location: Brisbane

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