I have put this website up for the many people who have asked about my build of the 437 Meg cross yagi. Previously, I had these documents on Google Docs, and to cut it short, I thought it would be easier to place it here.

The 437 and 145 Meg Cross Yagi's were checked with EZNEC software, with the element dimensions calculated with various web sites. The intention of this project was to use these antenna's an up / down link for communication with the ISS.

Both yagi's hit the ISS repeaters first go, however all of you who have tried had found out, it's the quick or the dead before you loose track.

After a few try's I got through and had a brief QSO, wow, I done it. It's a great feeling when you do a lot of research and time to build something and it works great, I guess this is the other part of our hobby.

If you have any comments and or questions regarding the project, you will notice on my links section, I have a link to my blog site. Here you can post for all to see, and of course to bennefit others at the same time.

I would also appriciate any feedback from the elmers out there. I am by no means an expert, just like most of us, I like to tinker and build things for our hobby.

I hope you find this website helpfull and have as much fun as I did.

73's, De... VK4ZXX.


Nick Soter
Call: VK4ZXX
Location: Brisbane

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